Co-produced and stakeholder informed training for UK researchers
working with routinely collected data


Our overall aim is to develop training for UK researchers that enhances their understanding of public perspectives and governance requirements and improves their practice when working with routine data.

By Summer 2020 we will have produced an online training module and be running our first two face-to-face training sessions!

What is routine data?

Routine data is information collected primarily for administrative (not research) purposes when providing public services. These data are collected by hospitals, schools, police, government departments (plus many more!) for the purposes of registration, transaction and record keeping to enable the delivery of that service.

Accessing and analysing such routine data can help answer important questions, for example, about the efficient provision of services, improvements in care, and the impact of policies on patient outcomes.

We are interested in a range of stakeholder views and their experiences with routine data. Wewill be engaging with researchers, members of the public, data providers and regulators over the course of this project. All of this input will ensure we develop a training programme relevant to UK researchers working with a wide range of UK public sector routine data.

Watch the below animation on "What is Routine Data?" to find out more!


Thank you!

Thank you for completing our survey on training needs for researchers working with (or with an interest in) routinely collected data in the UK.

The survey results will help us develop the training programme for researchers to enhance their understanding of public perspectives and governance requirements when working with routine data.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please email the CENTRIC team

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